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-Team Pro Horse International, team pack


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Contains 1 pair of your favorite breeches (any model of your choice to a value of 125-170 Euro) in the size you want, 1 saddlepad (value 70 Euro) and the It bag (value 45 Euro), one pair of white JEM ridingbreeches (value 165 Euro) and 1 T-Shirt in your size (value 36 Euro).
The embroidery on the saddle pad has a deeper meaning!
The 🚀 is a symbol that you and your horse are AWESOME and you will go straight UP!
The ⭐️ represent that you and your horse are STARS!
The motivational quote should be read 100 times in a nervous situation, so it programs your mind to be confident and trust yourself and your horse!

Saddlepad: Choose between red or silver logo (one size). The saddle pad is made from Italian cotton and a natural sweat absorbing material that transport the sweat of the horse out trough the cells of the outer fabric.
Breeches: Choose between all models, colours and sizes. All breeches comes in XS, S, M, L.
T shirt: Choose your size.

Don’t forget to write in the messengerbox in “checkout” which model and size of the ridingpants and which color of the logo of the saddlepad you want to choose.


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