Picsou du Chene is born in 2003 and is by Le Tot de Semilly / Caloubet du Bois. Picsou has had a long career with several top riders like Olive Clarke, Pius Schwizer and Martin Fuchs. He has proven himself as a top horse placing NR 20 in the individual final of the European Championship in Herning with Pius, he also jumped the World Cup final together with Pius. Eva and Picsou has been NR 5 in the GP of San Remo, Nr 9 in the 145 GP in Arezzo, NR 6 in the Grand Prix in San Giovanni, and NR 6, 7 and 6 in placed in the Grand Prix of Vilamoura 3 weeks in a row qualifying for the European Championship 2017. Eva and Picsou was suppose to ride in the Nation Cup team for Norway in Linz 2017, but Picsou got a injury and was out the whole season of 2017.


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